I am an IATSE 600 Los Angeles based English/Irish Cinematographer shooting feature films, television commercials and music videos

I am represented by Alison Law at McKinney Macartney Management in London &
Walter Partos at The Partos Company in Los Angeles

I have collaborated with notable directors including Mike Figgis, Jennifer Lynch, Richard Bates Jr, Allen Hughes, Matthew Grey Gubler, Michael Caton-Jones, Terry McDonough, Madchen Amick, MJ Bassett and Eli Roth

I shot 'The Street' for BBC which won the 2008 BAFTA for Best Drama, 2008 RTS award for Best Drama and Special Mention at 2008 Rose d'Or

I won Best Cinematography at the 2007 Beverly Hills Film Festival for 'Tug', which also won the Luminaria Award for Excellence in Cinematography at the 2007 24fps International Film Festival

I was nominated for Best Cinematography at the 2008 AOF Film Festival for 'The Rainbow Tribe'

In 2009, I photographed 'Forget Me Not' which was the Grand Prize Winner at the 2010 London Independent Film Festival, Best Of The Festival at the 2010 Palm Beach International Film Festival and won the Audience Award at the 2010 London United Film Festival

I shot the Tango 'Seal' commercial for Partizan London which won the 2003 Cannes Lion Film Gold award

Rebellious Tendencies Digital Laboratory (Reb10) is my boutique online coloring and finishing suite in Los Angeles